When life gives you lemons, make lemon ZAST

Setbacks come in all shapes and sizes, and after your frustration subsides, you must think, “Now what?” Such was my challenge after thinking through my company identity and proudly ordering up my web domain and name. Go Daddy assures you Acutanza STS is available with limitless extensions. Great, you order on-line and there it is as it arrives – acutanzasts.com.

Okay, I admit after seeing it in all lower case, my eye goes right to the “ZASTS” at the end of the name. Can I live with that? I make sure I always write my email as AcutanzaSTS, but nevertheless there is that “zast” staring back at me. Zest, I think. And then I think, when life gives you lemons, make lemon zest. Immediately, I am inspired to use a bright lemon yellow on my business cards, which I order from MOO. Their cards are very unique to begin with, allowing for personalization with different images and fonts. So far, I’ve received great feedback on my bright yellow cards. They are thick with rounded corners which make them easy to find in the stack of cards you collect. You can have up to 50 images on the back and I often have something – buses in downtown for my transit friends, trucks parked on a cherry tree lined street for my freight pals, the Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail for my ped/bike planning friends, even the “24” etched in the outfield when Ken Griffey Jr. was honored at Safeco Field for my baseball friends – that is relatable to people I meet. Something we might have in common. There you have it. A small reminder to look for that silver lining and a little lemon zest.

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