What is in a name?

A company identity – how do you create something that fits and is as unique as you are? For me and my mixed up origins, there is nothing that can fit that you can find “off the rack”. My last name is unusual, even among Filipinos. My siblings and I think our last name will be extinct after we pass, so Acutanza is hardly a name I worry about anyone copying. After much training in Context Sensitive Solutions through my former employer CH2M (now Jacobs), I embrace the notions of strategy, specifically in developing transportation solutions in this particular time of transformative changes. I decided my new moniker would be Acutanza STS with the STS standing for Strategic Transport Solutions. “Why Transport instead of Transportation?” you may ask. They mean mostly the same thing, taking you from one place to another. There’s a secondary meaning for transport of taking you to another place emotionally such as Mavis Staples taking us to another place in the song, “I’ll take you there” Enjoy!

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