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Thanks to everyone on LinkedIn that congratulated me on my first year in business. It has been an interesting year! I have learned so much, made new acquaintances, and have challenged myself in new ways.

Throughout my 30+ year career, I have found that challenging myself keeps me motivated and optimistic. Early on, the challenge was learning as much as I could from the people around me while trying to convey confidence in my abilities. After having children, my challenge was maintaining that balance to keep my career moving while nurturing and supporting these little humans in my care. From taking extended time off when they were born, to working 3 days per week when they were small and in day care, to working shorter days when they were in school so I could be around when they needed homework help, to hiring a driver to get them to activities and be in their corner. Working part-time while keeping my career moving brought new challenges. Aiding the growth of the bright young-people I worked with, expanding my own skills, and trying new management roles.

This has all led me to the present- striking out on my own, an empty-nester, sitting in my home office (which I admit it is often the couch), and relishing my commute after taking the challenge from my favorite, pithy Dove candy wrappers. I invite you too, to look for that next challenge. Thank you for your friendship and here’s to those challenges that make us grow!

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