Not Everyone Gets Lemonade

I’m reminded of a birthday party I had for one of my children where I brought two types of drink boxes – lemonade and apple juice. Unfortunately, every kid wanted lemonade, and there was enough for all of the kids/guests except for one. As the host, I made my other child wait until all the other guests were served. Generally an easy-going kid, this time they wanted lemonade too and being left-out was painful. “Not everybody gets lemonade”, I said. A good lesson for me as well. In my sometimes, rosy-colored optimism, I think it will all turn out for the best, we can all get-along, and we all want to share.
It took my own oversight of business development in this relationship-centered industry to better understand this type of “matchmaking” and that some relationships or partnerships are never going to work out. Early in my career I was floored when a potential client referred to me as “always
cheerful”, in a way that made me feel like “cheerful” was an unpleasant disease. I understand that I am not everyone’s cup of tea (and vice-versa). At times in a career, you lose the project, your team isn’t picked, your project goes sideways, or you get a blasé recommendation. There’s a lot of time for good healthy positive reflection and thinking of steps to take to your next experience or engagement. Don’t get too hung up on it and keep moving. Don’t be too hard on yourself, sometimes it’s just not your turn. Somedays at least, not everybody gets lemonade. 

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