Better living through poetry

Inspiration can come as a trickle or in waves, tickling your right brain and keeping your left brain at bay lets the inspiration come forth. I was inspired to write this tribute to the creativity and complexity of the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel as joint bus/rail operations came to an end. This bus/rail tunnel is truly one of a kind operating in the United States. Once your poem is done, you can touch it up, but in general, it finds life and your itch is scratched. Very satisfying.

Ode to our DSTT (March 2019)
Oh, tunnel friend, you served us well,
In times of stress reduced our dwell
Twin bores that pulse the artery
East, north, and south come hither thee
Each morn arrived not quite awake
Beneath this burgeoning cityscape
Tonight we board and then alight
To send this bus tunnel to her goodnight

Getting better at poetry comes with regular practice. One way you can practice is to write alt text descriptions for images as rhyme or haiku. Alt text (alternative text), also known as “alt attributes,” describes the appearance and function of an image on a page for those with visual impairments. Adding this kind of alternative text to photos and images is a fundamental principle of web accessibility.  Rooted in Rights , is a local advocacy group in Seattle that is part of Disability Rights Washington. This Seattle-based team of disabled video producers, editors, and digital organizers partners with local coalitions and national advocacy campaigns to fight for real changes for those with disabilities. They also provide how-to video on adding Alt Text to any image in a document. This description helps those with vision impairments that are dependent on-screen readers experience not only the text, but also the images within a report. Challenge yourself to add dimension to the description by using rhyme and “colorful” language.

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